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Boonie Covers

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Devil Dog Depot offers a diverse selection of top-quality boonie covers for leathernecks and outdoor enthusiasts. Our collection features both traditional and short brim (shooter’s brim) styles. Each bucket hat is made in strict accordance with military standards, ensuring durability and performance in any environment. Choose from a variety of camouflage patterns, including MARPAT, woodland camo, tiger stripe, olive drab, urban camo, blueberry, and OCP Scorpion, allowing you to blend seamlessly into your surroundings. Whether you’re on a mission, camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting, our camouflage options provide effective concealment and protection from the elements. These boonies are equipped with adjustable straps, vent holes, and a wide brim to shield your face from the sun or rain while providing optimal comfort and protection. The adjustable straps ensure a secure fit, while the vent holes promote breathability, keeping you cool in hot climates. Explore our collection today and choose the perfect Marine Corps Boonie Cover to complement your gear and enhance your outdoor experience.
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