Desert Tiger Stripe 2.5″ Short Brim Boonie Cover


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Utilizing the outstanding Desert Tiger camouflage pattern, this Boonie Hat is made to current U.S. military specs. Originally introduced to the United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam War, the Boonie Hat design continues to be a staple item for military, security, and law enforcement organizations throughout the world. The Desert Tiger camouflage remains a Spec Op community favorite to this day.

This Desert Tiger Stripe Boonie Cover is Made in USA to Military Specs by Government Contractor. This hot weather boonie will keep you cool and looking great.

Desert Tiger Cotton Boonie Cover Features

  • Desert Tiger Camo Hot Weather Boonie Cap
  • 4 Screened Side Vents
  • 100% Cotton RipStop
  • Adjustable Chin Strap For Secure Comfort
  • Hot Weather, Type II Hat
  • Brim Length: 2.5″ Inches
  • Made in the USA!

About Desert Tiger Stripe Camouflage

Desert Tiger Stripe, a variation of the traditional tiger stripe camouflage, was designed for both desert and jungle operations. Its pattern merges multiple brush stripes in khaki and brown with dark brown brush-strokes over a sand-colored base. This camo was introduced just before Desert Shield/Storm, gaining significant traction with the U.S. Marine Corps at Camp Lejeune, who acquired a 2500-set run of these uniforms. Feedback from USMC Force Recon and other Special Operations units was highly favorable. 

Today, Desert Tiger Stripe remains popular among various elite units, including Army Rangers, Army Special Forces, and Security Forces globally. Its adaptability and effectiveness in diverse environments have made it a continued choice for operations, exemplifying its enduring utility in military apparel.

Military Boonie Hats

The boonie hat, aka bucket hat, sun hat, and jungle hat, is a wide-brimmed, lightweight cover originally designed for military use in hot climates. Favored by the US military, including the Marine Corps, this durable hat offers protection from the sun and rain. 

Quality boonies feature branch loops for camouflage and storage, plus a chin strap for a secure fit. Evolved from military gear, the boonie cap is now popular for fishing, hunting, hiking, and backpacking due to its versatility and adaptability to outdoor conditions. Its design, including a vented crown and flexible brim, makes it ideal for hot weather and adventurous activities. Boonie covers have been widely adopted in both military and civilian contexts.

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