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8-Point Utility Covers

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Devil Dog Depot offers a diverse selection of Marine Corps 8-Point Utility Covers. The utility cover is the cap worn with the combat utility uniform, featuring a distinct eight-pointed design with a visor similar to a baseball cap. Our collection offers a range of patterns to choose from, including Woodland and Desert MARPAT, woodland camo, olive drab, urban camo, and desert. These patterns allow you to select the cap that best matches your uniform or personal style. The Marine Corps utility cover has a rich history, with its origins dating back to World War II when it was issued as part of the Herringbone Twill utility uniform in 1943. Its design was influenced by the US Army field cap and railroad engineer cap. During World War II, Marines affectionately referred to it as the “raider cap” due to its association with the Marine Raiders. Over time, the materials used for the utility cover have evolved. Initially made from herringbone twill fabric, it transitioned to heavy cotton sateen in 1959. Today, ripstop material is preferred for its durability and performance in challenging environments. Whether you’re an active-duty Marine, a veteran, or a supporter of the Marine Corps, our Marine Corps 8-Point Utility Covers are a must-have addition to your collection. Embrace the history and tradition of the USMC while showcasing your pride with this iconic headwear. Browse our selection today and find the perfect utility cap to complete your uniform or show your support for the Corps. Semper Fi!
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