Vietnam Shooter’s 2″ Short Brim Tiger Stripe Boonie Cover


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This Vietnam Shooter’s Short Brim Tiger Stripe Boonie Cover is made from a durable cotton ripstop material that protects you from the sun. The 2″ brim blocks sunlight from your eyes and the material keeps you cool on hot days while providing a good range of view to fire your weapon.

Made by US government contractor to US military specs.

Short Brim Tiger Stripe Boonie Cap Features:

    • Vietnam Shooter’s 2″ Short Brim Tiger Stripe Boonie Cover
    • Color: Tropical Combat (Tiger Stripe)
    • 4 Screened Side Vents
    • 100% Cotton Ripstop
    • Adjustable Chin Strap For Secure Comfort
    • Hot Weather, Type II Hat
    • Brim Length: 2″ Inches
    • Branch Loops Around Hat For Camouflage (Leaves & Branches)
    • Fast Shipping!
    • Made in USA to Military Specifications

Shooter’s Brim Tiger Stripe Boonie Sizing Chart

Head Size Hat Size Head
Small 7 21.7”-22”
Medium 7 ¼ 22.4”-22.8”
Large 7 ½ 23.2”-23.6”
Extra Large 7 ¾ 24”-24.4”

Short Brim Boonie Covers

The boonie hat, aka sun hat or jungle hat, is a versatile cover initially designed for military personnel in hot, tropical climates. Particularly favored by the US military, including the Marine Corps, this durable hat offers essential protection from both the sun and rain. 

Boonies have distinctive branch loops for effective camouflage and a chin strap for secure fit in windy conditions. Originating from military use, the boonie cover has gained widespread popularity for activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, and backpacking, thanks to its adaptability, lightweight packability, and functionality in various outdoor conditions. 

A notable variation is the “short brim” or “shooter’s brim” style, which emerged during the Vietnam era. This design modification involved trimming the brim to a shorter length, a practice adopted by soldiers for better visibility and convenience during combat. The shorter brim proved advantageous for tasks requiring improved sight lines, such as shooting and archery, while still maintaining the boonie hat’s core functionality. This practical adaptation underscores the boonie hat’s ability to evolve to meet specific needs, enhancing its appeal in both military and civilian applications.

About US Tiger Stripe Camouflage Pattern

Tiger stripe camouflage, developed for close-range jungle warfare, was notably used by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. Its design, resembling a tiger’s stripes, features interlocking brush-strokes of green, brown, and black over a lighter olive or khaki base. 

Initially adopted by U.S. Special Forces in the early 1960s, tiger stripe was not an official US-issue item, leading to a variety of patterns due to custom local production. Despite its widespread use among American elite forces, it was gradually replaced by the ERDL pattern, a predecessor to the woodland pattern. 

Tiger stripe also saw use in subsequent conflicts, including the Gulf War and War in Afghanistan, solidifying its place in military history as a distinctive and effective camouflage pattern.

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Hat sizes

7 1/2-Large, 7 1/4-Medium, 7 3/4-XL, 7-Small

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