USMC Vietnam ERDL Boonie Cover



Marine Corps Vietnam vets! This is the m1968 Mod B wide-brim jungle hat with the original Vietnam era ERDL (Brown Dominant) Leaf pattern. First issued exclusively to the Marine Corps, this hat was eventually used in multiple theaters, including by Spec Ops in the Philippines. It’s a classic tropical weather boonie hat.

The wider brim is 3″ as opposed to the standard 2.75″ so that water could be repelled more efficiently.

Made in USA by military contractor. This US military tropical combat hat looks great and is built to last.

Marine Corps Vietnam ERDL Camo Boonie Cap Features

  • AKA: Type II Jungle Hat
  • ERDL Brown-Dominant Camouflage (Leaf Pattern)
  • 4 Screened Side Vents
  • 50/50 Nylon and Cotton RipStop
  • Adjustable Strap For Secure Comfort
  • Brim Length: 3″ Inches
  • Branch Loops Around Hat For Camouflage (Leaves & Branches)
  • Ships Fast!
  • Made in USA!

About ERDL Camouflage

Developed in 1948, the ERDL camouflage pattern is also known as the leaf pattern. The U.S. Army’s Engineer Research & Development Laboratories created it. It first saw use in the Vietnam War in 1967 by elite reconnaissance and special operations units. 

ERDL has four colors: olive green, brown, black branches, and light green leaf highlights. A brown-dominant variation replaced light green with tan. The U.S. Marine Corps adopted the original green-dominant ERDL camo in 1968 in South Vietnam. 

ERDL camo was effective in jungle warfare. After Vietnam, its use was limited primarily to the invasion of Panama and in the Philippines. The M81 Woodland pattern replaced it in 1981. However, it remained in use for special operations into the 1990s.

Additional information

Weight .24 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Hat sizes

7 1/2-Large, 7 1/4-Medium, 7 3/4-XL, 7-Small

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