USMC Desert MARPAT Boonie Cover



This USMC Desert Boonie Cover is the wide brim (3″ inch) version, built to U.S. Military Specifications by a Government Contractor. Please note: This is NOT a current issue Marine Corps boonie cover and should not be worn to formation. However, it is made to the same specs mandated by the USMC.

This MARPAT Boonie Cover offers the traditional wide reinforced brim for extra protection from sun and rain. This high quality cover is comfortable to wear, light weight and made to last in any environment. The coveted Eagle Globe and Anchor is embroidered on front. Made in the USA.

USMC Desert MARPAT Boonie Cover Features

  • Marine Corps Desert MARPAT Boonie Cover.
  • Embroidered with Eagle, Globe and Anchor.
  • Adjustable drawstring for a tight comfortable fit.
  • Brass screen vents for breathability.
  • Made of 50/50 nylon and cotton.
  • Brim Length: 3″ inches
  • Made from lightweight rip-stop material.
  • Ships Fast.
  • Made in USA!

About Desert MARPAT Camouflage

Desert MARPAT, deployed by the U.S. Marine Corps alongside Woodland MARPAT in late 2002, is specifically designed for arid environments. Its digital camouflage blends tan, brown, and small amounts of green, maximizing concealment in desert terrain. Marked by the unique “Eagle, Globe, and Anchor” emblem, Desert MARPAT distinctly identifies Marines. 

Replacing 3-color desert, it has been continuously used since its introduction as standard issue for operations in desert settings. Desert MARPAT has been crucial in key conflicts such as the Iraq War and operations in Afghanistan, offering effective camouflage and maintaining the distinctive identity of Marine forces in challenging desert landscapes.

The Wide Brim USGI Boonie Hat

The boonie hat, aka bucket cover, sun hat, and jungle hat, is a wide-brimmed, lightweight cover originally designed for military use in hot climates. Favored by the US military, including the Marine Corps, this durable hat offers protection from the sun and rain. 

Quality boonies feature branch loops for camouflage and storage, plus a strap for a secure fit. Evolved from military gear, the boonie cap is now popular for fishing, hunting, hiking, and backpacking due to its versatility and adaptability to outdoor conditions. Its design, including a vented crown and flexible brim, makes it ideal for hot weather and adventurous activities. Boonies have been widely adopted in both military and civilian contexts.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Hat sizes

6 3/4 Extra Small, 7 1/2-Large, 7 1/4-Medium, 7 3/4-XL, 7-Small

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