Govt. Issue – USMC 8-Point Desert Utility Cover


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Govt. Issue – USMC 8-Point Desert Utility Cover

This is a genuine issue USMC desert digital 8 point cover. Our Marine Corps MARPAT desert utility cover is the exact same hat that is worn by active duty US Marines. This cover is built to U.S. Military Specifications by a Department of Defense Contractor. The cover is high quality and helps you blend into your surroundings while providing protection from the sun and other elements. It is comfortable to wear, light weight and made to last in any environment. The coveted Eagle Globe and Anchor is embroidered on front. Made in the USA.


  • Marine Corps MARPAT 8-Point Desert Digital Cover
  • Current Government Issue (GI)
  • Embroidered Eagle, Globe and Anchor
  • Made of 50/50 nylon and cotton
  • 4 ventilation holes on sides of hat
  • Made from lightweight rip-stop material
  • Military Cover
  • Ships Fast!
  • Made in USA