USMC Improved Bivy Cover Waterproof Gore-Tex (Surplus)


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USMC Improved Bivy Cover Waterproof Gore-Tex (Surplus)

This is the latest generation USMC Improved Bivy Cover Waterproof Gore-Tex designed for the US Marine Corps Three Season Sleep System. It is designed to cover the other sleeping bags in the system, making them waterproof and highly insulated. This Bivy cover is 88″ long, should fit over most mummy sleeping bags and is a perfect way to make your current sleeping bag waterproof without adding much weight. These USMC Bivy sacks have an attached see-thru mosquito net with a full head cover to keep bugs away when the bag is being used in non-wet conditions which can be pulled back when you don’t need it.

The USMC issue bivy cover protects you against rain, snow, dew, wind, and bugs along with helping to keep you warm when sleeping outside. These Bivy sacks can also be used as a rain shelter. These are real military surplus made of Nylon and PTFE (Gore-tex) for maximum protection and durability. Made in USA by Propper Industries.

Bivy Cover condition: This bivy cover features a black mesh face screen that may have holes, but can be repaired. That said, the face screen would only be necessary if you plan to camp in bug country without a tent.


  • USMC Improved Bivy Cover Waterproof Gore-Tex (Surplus)
  • US military issue
  • Made from durable Nylon and GORE-TEX®
  • Wind and water resistant
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Zippered mesh face screen
  • Lightweight
  • 88″ long
  • Made in USA

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