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Marine Combat Training (MCT)

Marine Combat Training or MCT is the secondary school after boot camp for non-infantry Marines.  MCT consists of 29 days of battle skills training that enables Marines to operate and thrive in a combat environment. For west coast Marines MCT is conducted at Camp Pendleton, California and Camp Geiger, N.C., for east coast Marines.

MCT is where Marines are trained in basic infantry skills and other common war fighting skills that are essential in combat.

The Marines in this school will learn the basics of combat marksmanship, counter-IED techniques, convoy operations, combat formations, assaults, patrolling, MOUT, use of radios, reporting military intelligence, land navigation, hand grenades, the M203 grenade launcher, M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, M240 machine gun and more.

The intensive and psychical training includes combat conditioning, running obstacle courses and long marches over rough terrain.

Upon successful completion of Marine Combat Training, each Marine will have gained the knowledge, ability and skills to operate in a combat environment as a basic rifleman and to perform his primary job under fire.

Marines will then receive orders to report to their Military Occupational School (MOS) for additional training.

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