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11 Best Marine Corps T-Shirts: Classic, PT, & Unique Shirts

Explore our top selection of Marine Corps t-shirts, perfect for both male and female Marines. With a range of classic and modern designs, these shirts suit active-duty members and retired veterans alike. 

Whether you’re looking for bold statement pieces or more subdued options, we’ve got you covered. Plus, discover several excellent choices ideal for physical training.

Best Selling USMC Shirts 

The best of the best, these Marine Corps shirts feature incredibly popular designs. Each shirt is instantly recognizable among Marines. They’re also comfortable and officially licensed, making them perfect for showing your Marine Corps pride. 

tropical amphibious assault Marine Corps t-shirt

Beach Party USMC T-shirt

Our best seller, USMC Beach Party, is a modern homage to the history of the US Marine Corps. This design pays respect to the Marines’ legacy as elite amphibious ground troops, particularly during WWII. 

Featuring a vibrant scene of Marine amphibious landing under a colorful sunset and palm trees, it’s a stylish tribute. Crafted on premium 100% pre-shrunk cotton and super-soft, water-based inks, this is one of the most comfortable shirts we’ve ever worn. 

a coyote brown and tan Marine Corps shirt with EGA and American flag

Split Flag EGA Coyote Marines Shirt

Our USMC Split Flag EGA Coyote Brown Shirt is an understated yet unmistakable symbol of Marine Corps pride. Featuring the US Flag and Marine Corps Eagle, Globe, and Anchor insignia, it also boasts a smaller American Flag on the right sleeve.

This lightweight, patriotic military t-shirt offers a rugged and durable feel. It’s ideal for both exercise and casual wear. Crafted from breathable 100% cotton with a comfortable tagless label, this officially licensed United States Marine Corps is easily one of the most popular designs available. 

a red and yellow Marine Corps bulldog t-shirt

US Marine Corps Bulldog Red T-shirt

For a timeless leatherneck look, the US Marine Corps Bulldog Red T-shirt is one of the finest. Its striking red and gold design, featuring the iconic bulldog mascot and “United States Marine Corps,” exudes USMC history. 

It’s crafted from moderately soft cotton and features a tagless design. This short-sleeve t-shirt is very comfortable and works well as a stylish PT shirt. Its vintage look makes it a fast-selling favorite, often challenging us to keep it in stock. 

Officially licensed by the U.S. Marine Corps, this shirt is a must-have for any Marine Corps enthusiast.

Best Marine Corps PT T-shirts

Most of our USMC shirts work for physical training. But some stand above the rest as the ultimate PT shirts for Marines. 

one of the best Marine Corps shirts: the olive drab Marines PT t-shirt

Marines PT Shirt in OD

The Marines Olive Drab T-shirt is reminiscent of the classic USMC PT shirt. It features ‘Marines’ boldly in black font across the chest. 

Its soft 100% cotton construction guarantees comfort and durability, perfect for casual wear or physical training. 

Olive drab and black is the most popular Marine Corps clothing combo. But this classic USMC shirt is also available in black & yellow, red & yellow, and gray & black. 

This timeless Marines shirt is an excellent choice for showcasing your pride. 

best Marines skivvy shirt in od green

Duke USMC Lightweight Skivvy

Discover unmatched quality with our USMC Duke Athletic Lightweight Skivvy Shirts. This 3-pack is the epitome of Marine Corps PT attire, combining 50% cotton and 50% polyester for a lightweight yet resilient fabric. Designed with a non-roll seamless collar and full-cut sleeves, each shirt is comfortable and professional fit.

Proudly displaying the Eagle Globe and Anchor emblem on the inside collar, these shirts embody Marine Corps esprit de corps. Their extended length guarantees a secure tuck, maintaining a sharp appearance. Meeting rigorous government specs, these American-made shirts blend durability and performance, ideal for any Marine.

Top Marine Corps EGA Shirts

The globe, anchor, and eagle symbolize the US Marines’ global readiness, naval heritage, and American spirit. Below are our most popular EGA shirts encapsulating Semper Fidelis.

a gray USMC shirt with an EGA

USMC and EGA Gray Vintage Shirt

Our soft and stylish USMC EGA Gray Vintage T-Shirt is an extremely popular Marine Corps shirt. It strikes the perfect balance between casual and symbolic. This t-shirt features a vintage Eagle Globe and Anchor emblem with “USMC” in bold text beneath. 

Crafted from a soft cotton-poly blend, it offers a subdued yet distinct collegiate look. It’s ideal for many occasions, from a workout session to a night out at the bar. This EGA shirt subtly showcases Marine Corps pride without being overly flashy. Comfortable, versatile, and proudly Marine, it’s essential gear for any current or former Marine.

a subdued military green Marine Corps t-shirt with an EGA and US flag

Subdued EGA Shirt with American Flag Sleeve

Discover the understated elegance of our Subdued EGA and American Flag Sleeve T-Shirt in olive drab. This distinctive shirt showcases the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor in a subtle blend of green, black, and coyote. Adding to its patriotic appeal is a vintage-look USA flag on the right sleeve.

Crafted from a high-quality cotton-polyester blend, this shirt feels exceptionally soft. The quality water-based inks enhance the design, making it stand out. Officially licensed by the U.S. Marine Corps and printed in the USA, this shirt is perfect for Marines seeking a non-flashy yet stylish way to display their service. It’s cool design also is a great conversation starter for those who don’t know what the EGA is all about. 

This popular Marine Corps Shirt is also available in gray, red, and orange

Best Marine Corps Veteran T-Shirts 

Our best-selling veteran shirts honor the enduring valor of Marine Corps veterans. They’re a testament to their lifelong commitment and unique spirit of brotherhood forged in service.

a retired Marine shirt in black and red

USMC Retired Black and Red Shirt

Celebrate your enduring Marine Corps spirit with our Black and Red Retired USMC Shirt. Featuring the iconic Eagle, Globe & Anchor, alongside “Semper Fidelis” and “USMC Retired,” this shirt is a bold testament to retired Marines. 

This USMC veteran t-shirt is 100% cotton and is both comfortable and durable. A tagless, crew neck design ensures ease of wear. Perfect for retired Marines, this machine-washable t-shirt is proudly designed and printed in the USA. 

Embrace your Marine Corps legacy with this officially licensed, fast-shipping garment. It’s a true symbol of sacrifice and dedication.

a red, white, and gray Marine veteran shirt

Marine Veteran Shirt – Proud to Have Served

Embrace the spirit of service with our Gray US Marines Veteran Shirt. This charcoal gray t-shirt features a military stencil and vintage design. It strikes a powerful chord with its blood-red and white text. Highlighting the slogan “Proud to have served” and an EGA, it bleeds honor and pride. 

Our most popular USMC veteran shirt is crafted for comfort and durability. It’s 100% cotton, very soft, yet resilient. A crew neck and short sleeves add to its classic and casual appeal. Proudly printed in the U.S.A. and licensed by the U.S. Marine Corps, it’s a fast-shipping tribute to Marine vets.

Most Unique Marines Shirts

Looking for a Marine Corps shirt with some style? Explore our most popular unique USMC shirts which are crafted for distinction and pride.

a black Marine Corps t-shirt with a large EGA and the phrase "all gave some, some gave all"

All Gave Some, Some Gave All Black USMC Shirt

This black short-sleeved shirt honors the enduring legacy of the Marines. The ‘All Gave Some, Some Gave All’ t-shirt is the perfect gift for any current or former Marine. It showcases the Eagle, Globe & Anchor, with the poignant “USMC All Gave Some, Some Gave All” message on both sides. 

It also features the timeless maxim “Once a Marine, Always a Marine” and the historic year 1775, marking the Marine Corps’ inception. 

Crafted from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, this machine-washable shirt is a significant way to display Marine Corps pride and respect for the fallen.

a green USMC shirt with a skull, crossed M16 rifles, and the phrase "mess with the best, die like the rest"

Mess with the Best, Die Like the Rest OD Marines Shirt

Strike up a conversation with our distinct ‘Mess with the Best, Die Like the Rest’ OD Green Marines Shirt. This unique design has a skull in an 8-point cover with crossed M4 carbine rifles. It’s emblazoned with “US Marines” and the bold statement: “mess with the best dies like the rest.” 

Screen printed on a soft 100% cotton olive drab tee, this shirt is quintessentially Marine. Ideal for casual outings or a night out, this officially licensed USMC shirt in OD Green, coyote, black, and white embodies the leatherneck spirit to the core.

Need More Moto?

We carry shirts for every Marine, whether active duty or veteran. Check out our complete selection of Marine Corps shirts to find the perfect shirt for you.

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