US Marine Corps Three Color Desert 8-Point Utility Cover



Our USMC  3 Color Desert 8-Point Utility Cover was issued by the Marine Corps between 1993-2003. The cover is made with a 50/50 Nylon & Cotton Twill material and has the Marine Corps Eagle, Globe, and Anchor stamped on the front.

This utility cover is identical to the one used to U.S. Marines and was made by the same military government contractor. Made in USA.

USMC Tri-Color Desert 8-Point Utility Cover Features

  • USMC 3 Color Desert 8-Point Cover.
  • Prior Government Issue (GI).
  • Printed Eagle, Globe and Anchor.
  • Made of 50% nylon/50% cotton.
  • 4 ventilation holes on sides of hat.
  • Top Stitch.
  • Military Utility Cover.
  • Ships Fast!
  • Made in USA.

About US Military 3-Color Desert Camouflage

The 3-color desert camouflage pattern of the Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU). Also called tri-color desert, it was prominently used by the USMC in arid environments from the mid-1990s to early 2010s. This pattern is comprised of coyote brown, pale olive green, and desert tan.

Designed for optimal concealment in desert terrains, it was notably utilized in key conflicts like the Persian Gulf War, the Iraq War, and early operations in Afghanistan. While the Marines were prominent users, this pattern was also issued by the US Army, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard during this period. 

Its adoption marked a strategic shift to better suit the open desert battlefields encountered, moving away from the previous six-color “chocolate chip” camo pattern.

The Marine Corps Eight-Point Utility Cap

The 8-point utility cover is a key component of the US Marine Corps and Navy uniforms. This hat merges functionality with tradition. It resembles a baseball cap and is crafted for a sharp look. 

Eight-pointed covers evolved from US Army field caps and railroad engineer caps. 

Early Marine Corps versions were made of herringbone twill (HBT) until approximately 1959 and later cotton sateen. Modern versions are made from a durable nylon and cotton ripstop or a warmer twill fabric, catering to diverse environments. 

This utility cover, featuring ventilation eyelets and embroidered with the Marine Corps EGA, continues to embody the enduring spirit and history of the USMC.

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