Navy Digital Woodland 8-Point Utility Cover



Upgrade your look with the US Navy Digital Woodland Utility Cap. This official Navy NWU uniform cap features the distinctive Green Digital Woodland Camo pattern (NWU Type III), offering effective concealment in woodland environments.

Crafted from durable 50/50 Nylon Cotton Ripstop fabric with heavy-duty stitching, this cap ensures long-lasting wear and military-grade quality. The plain front design allows for customization, while the cap is chemically treated to minimize infrared signatures. With its genuine construction and made in the USA, this cap is a reliable choice for Navy personnel.

Enjoy fast shipping and enhance your uniform with the Navy NWU Type III Woodland Utility Cap.

Navy NWU Type III Woodland Utility Cap Features

  • Navy 8-point Cover – Digital Woodland
  • Genuine, official USN NWU Uniform
  • Pattern: Green Digital Woodland Camo (NWU Type III)
  • Plain front (no embroidered ACE insignia)
  • Fabric: 50/50 Nylon Cotton Ripstop
  • Heavy-duty stitching, military-grade construction
  • Chemically treated to reduce infrared signatures
  • Fast Shipping!
  • Made in the USA!

About Navy Utility Covers

The 8-point utility cover is a key component of the US Marine Corps and Navy uniforms. This hat merges functionality with tradition. It resembles a baseball cap and is crafted for a sharp look. 

Eight-pointed covers evolved from US Army field caps and railroad engineer caps. 

Early Marine Corps versions were made of herringbone twill (HBT) until approximately 1959 and later cotton sateen. Modern versions are made from a durable nylon and cotton ripstop or a warmer twill fabric, catering to diverse environments. 

This utility cover, featuring ventilation eyelets and embroidered with the Marine Corps EGA, continues to embody the enduring spirit and history of the Navy and USMC.

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