USGI 50 Cal M2A1 Ammo Can


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The USGI USGI 50 Cal M2A1 Ammo Can is designed for 50 caliber or .300 WM ammunition.

Made for 50 calibers, they also hold 190 grain match/MILSPEC bullets that excel in long-range shooting. These US military issue ammo cans  are made from 100% Carbon Steel SUS304 and coated in olive drab green powder finish.  They feature a rubber gasket for watertight closure. Measuring approximately 12″ x 5.5″ x 7″, they hold up to 240 .300 WM match grade cartridges.

These genuine military surplus cans are equipped with top carrying handles, hinged lids, and latches, ideal for storage and transport.

Government Issue 50 Caliber M2A1 Ammo Can Features

  • 50 Caliber M2A1 Ammo Can
  • Material: 100% Carbon Steel SUS304
  • OD- Olive drab green powder coating finish
  • Dimensions: Approximately 12″ x 5.5″ x 7″
  • Features: Top carrying handle, hinged lid, latch
  • Seal: Rubber gasket for watertight closure
  • Origin: Genuine military surplus
  • Fast Shipping
  • Made in the USA!

USGI Ammo Can Surplus Quality Guide

These ammo cans have been previously used and issued by the US Marine Corps and other branches of the US military. Fully functional ammos that are free of any kind of major problem. These cans may have markings, rust spots, and/or scuffs, but are in excellent workable condition.

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