Marine Corps FILBE Assault Pack (Military Surplus)


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The US Marines need tough gear for mission accomplishment. That is why these USMC Assault Packs were built to last. The  FILBE MOLLE II Assault Pack was designed by the Marine Corps to be carried on shorter missions. This quality USMC backpack can also be attached to the larger FILBE main rucksack for longer missions.

This pack features the main part of the pack, the smaller front pocket and rubberized water-resistant zippers.  Inside there is specialized pocket for a hydration bladder along with the built-in standard white plastic frame. The USMC FILBE Assault Pack is used by the Worlds Finest Fighting Force because it was designed well and built tough.

The webbing around the pack allows Marines to add ammo pouches, assault pouches and other MOLLE gear to their pack. This backpack has shoulder straps, chest strap and waist belt. Also known as a ‘3-Day Assault Pack’ you should be able to carry enough ammo and food to sustain oneself for 3-days with this piece of assault gear. Made in the USA and currently issued to US Marines.

If coyote isn’t your style, we also carry Army ACU 3 Day Assault Packs.

USMC Assault Pack Features

    • USMC Military Issue FILBE Assault Pack
    • Made with heavy duty 600 D Nylon
    • Pass-through Velcro hydration tube slots on the top panel
    • Heavy duty carry and drag handle
    • Adjustable, padded, contoured shoulder straps
    • Backup metal shoulder strap buckles in case the main straps or buckles fail
    • Sternum strap and quick release waist belt
    • Drain grommets at the bottom
    • Asymmetric 2-way zipper on the main compartment, opens lower on one side
    • MOLLE webbing on the front and side panels
    • Padded foam back with removable plastic stiffener panel
    • Made in the USA.

Assault Pack Quality Guide

These packs have been previously used and issued by the US Marine Corps.  Please use the quality guide below to determine which pack is right for you.  Some of these packs have an issue with the seam holding the top of the shoulder strap to the pack.  This may be present in any condition of these packs except Excellent condition.  If present, this is a minor repair that can be easily made with a needle and thread.

  • Very Good – Fully functional packs that should be free of any kind of major problem.  These packs will be starting to show signs of wear that could be starting to fray at the top of the shoulder straps, or just starting to wear through around the edges of the stiffener.
  • Good – These packs will show moderate signs of wear throughout the pack.  These packs are still fully functional and can be used as originally intended, however you may notice a little fraying, stains, or very small holes in some places of the pack, more-so than the Very Good packs.
  • Acceptable – These packs are in rougher condition and will show very heavy signs of use throughout the pack.  These packs will have seams coming apart, specifically on the top panel of the pack where the back stiffener is located, and are likely to have the shoulder strap attachment point fraying as well. The packs are still functional but will be dirty, have writing or stains, and rips or tears in the fabric.
  • Damaged / CIF – These packs are damaged in some way that needs repaired before the pack can be used.  Examples include a seam that has completely come apart such as along the top edge of the stiffener compartment or an area between a zipper and a pack seam. Or they may have stains and be faded.  These packs could still be used if they are repaired.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 28 in

Very Good, Good, Acceptable, Damaged / CIF

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