Military 81mm Mortar Short Ammo Can


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The Military 81mm Mortar Ammo Can is a versatile and durable storage solution with countless applications. Originally designed to hold 81mm Mortar Rounds, it has been repurposed to accommodate high explosive rounds, specifically the M889A2 with fuze, PD/DLY, M783, for use with the M252 Mortar.

Crafted from sturdy steel and featuring a rubber gasket for a watertight seal, this ammo can ensures the protection of your valuable contents. The heavy and secure latch guarantees that your items remain safe and secure during transport.

Choose the Military 81mm Short Ammo Can (Surplus) for reliable and secure storage in any setting. Whether you’re a military enthusiast, survivalist, or outdoor adventurer, this ammo can is perfect for safeguarding your belongings. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to protect your valuable items. Order your Military 81mm Ammo Can (Surplus) today!


  • USGI 81mm Mortar Short Ammo Can (Military Surplus)
  • 81mm Mortar Rounds, M889A2 with fuze, PD/DLY, M783, M252 Mortar
  • Originally designed for 81mm Mortar Rounds, now repurposed for other items
  • Sturdy steel construction for long-lasting durability
  • Rubber gasket provides a watertight seal to protect contents
  • Heavy and secure latch ensures items remain safe during transport
  • Meticulous inspection process with manually opened lids for proper functionality
  • Grade 1 cans in excellent condition
  • Minimal signs of wear, no rust, bends, or dents
  • Each can is sealed and labeled with the proper grade
  • Reliable and secure storage option for any environment
  • Fast Shipping
  • Made in the USA!

Quality Guide
These ammo cans have been previously used and issued by the US Marine Corps. Each can undergoes a meticulous inspection process, with lids manually opened to ensure proper functionality. Grade 1 cans, classified as excellent, exhibit minimal signs of wear, no rust, and are devoid of major bends or dents.

Very Good – Fully functional ammo can that should be free of any kind of major problem. These cans may have markings and/or scuffs, but are in excellent workable condition.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 7 in