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Looking for a reliable way to stay hydrated during intense physical activities and while on the move? Look no further than our Military Grade Oral Rehydration Salts! With vital electrolytes and carbohydrates to enhance your body’s ability to quickly absorb fluids, this refill is perfect for keeping you hydrated and at your best during any outdoor adventure or emergency situation. This product was designed for military use but is  great for outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and athletes too!

Made in the USA and conveniently hang packaged, each package contains three packets that can be easily mixed with 1 liter of drinking water for quick and easy rehydration. Don’t let dehydration slow you down – try our Military Grade Oral Rehydration Salts today!

  • Oral Rehydration Salts
  • Fight dehydration caused by diarrhea, vomiting, and heat exhaustion
  • Enchances body’s ability to quickly absorb fluids
  • Mix contents of package with 1 liter of drinking water
  • Contains three packets
  • Enhances quick fluid absorption with electrolytes and carbohydrates
  • Ideal for military personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, athletes, and international travelers and tourists
  • Fast Shipping
  • Made in the USA

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