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When you’re out in the field, whether in the military or in a survival situation, accidents can happen. You may need to close a wound, stop bleeding, or stitch up a cut. That’s where this US Military First Aid Sutures comes in. This item contains one individually wrapped 5/0 suture, so you’re always prepared. Sterile and boxed, this suture come in 5/0 size.

Military personnel, hikers, campers, and survivalists can all benefit from having this in their kit.

Made in the USA with silk braided and non-absorbable nylon monofilament, this suture is reliable and strong. Be ready for anything with US Military First Aid Sutures.


  • Military First Aid Suture
  • One single-use 5/0 sutures, individually wrapped, same size
  • Boxed, reliable, strong
  • Silk braided, non-absorbable nylon monofilament
  • For field and survival accidents
  • Ideal for military personnel, hikers, campers, survivalists
  • Made in the USA!

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