Military Speed Loaders / Stripper Clips for AR-15 (Surplus)


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Purchase the same military specification USGI stripper clips used by the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant for US military 5.56mm ammunition.  Compatible with USGI style aluminum and high quality aftermarket polymer magazines for the M16 family of rifles to include the M4, and the AR15.  Manufactured in the USA by GG&G.  Mil-Spec, USGI, surplus stripper clips with both tabs intact. Store your ammo the same way as the professionals.  Sold in packs of 40 with (1) charger spoons/stripper clip guides.  (40) stripper clips are enough to load 400rds of ammunition.  Each stripper clip accommodates 10 rounds of .223, 5.56mm NATO or 300BLK ammunition, and are reusable. These are military surplus, used stripper clips in good condition.

Stripper clips, also known as “speed loaders,” decrease the time required to load ammo in your AR-15 magazine by allowing 10 rounds to be loaded in one motion, rather than individually.  Save time at the range by loading your ammo on stripper clips or pre-stage your ammo on stripper clips for rapid reloads during SHTF zombie invasions.  Stripper clips are especially handy where lane rentals are charged by the hour or when participating in group shooting events where prep time between courses of fire is limited.  In addition to saving time on the range, stripper clips are a great way to organize loose ammunition for long-term storage in ammo cans.

USMC Stripper Clips & Charger for AR15 Features

  • M4 / AR15 Speed Loaders
  • Includes: (40) ten-round stripper clips, (1) charger
  • Mil-spec stripper clips compatible with .223/5.56/300blk ammo
  • Compatible with USGI and most aftermarket AR-15/M4/M16 magazines
  • Each stripper clip holds 10 rounds
  • Metal construction
  • Reusable
  • Fast Shipping!
  • Made in the USA!

Surplus USGI Speed Loaders Quality Guide

Used, Good: These stripper clips are used US military surplus. They are completely functional, but may bits of dirt and debris in the packaging. Built for the rigors of combat, these speed loaders will last a lifetime of use.

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