Military Dry Sterile Burn Dressing / Combat Cravat


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This Military Dry Sterile Burn Dressing, also known as a Combat Cravat, is a standard issue multi-purpose emergency tool for military first aid kits. These dressings are in the shape of a large cravat, which allows it to be used as a burn dressing, tourniquet, sling, bone wrap and other capabilities. These are made larger than a standard Triangle wrap at 45″ x 45″ x 63″. The dressing is vacuum packaged in a 3 mil nylon poly barrier bag which also contains two (2) #3 closed safety pins and a rubber band separately packaged in a 2 mil nylon poly bag. Made in USA.

Note: These burn dressings have passed their expiration date. We are not able to guarantee the effectiveness of expired products. Expiration dates are regulated by the FDA to ensure the package maintains its sterilization and the contents guarantee to be effective. Expired gear is a great deal but should be used at your own risk or for training purposes.


  • Military Dry Sterile Burn Dressing / Combat Cravat
  • Condition: New, never issued
  • Size: 45″ x 45″ x 63″
  • Triangle shape
  • Dry Sterile Burn or wound Dressing
  • Multi-use as a sling, burn, wound dressing, or broken bone wrap
  • Compact and light weight
  • Made in the USA

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