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The compact Fire Lite 8-in-1 Survival Tool has the emergency essentials you need for navigation, signaling, and fire starting. Start a fire with the Tinder Quik, micro sparker, or flint on the side of the waterproof compartment. Signal for help and navigate to safety with the whistle, mirror, and compass. A breakaway tinder cord lanyard attaches the tool to your pack, around your neck, and can ignite a stove.


  • FireLite 8-in-1 Survival Tool
  • 8 Tools in 1 – Compact survival tool for navigation, signaling, and fire starting that can fit in a pocket or hang around your neck.
  • Navigation – Liquid-filled compass for steady readings on twist-off cap.
  • Signaling – Reflective mirror on the inside of the twist-off cap and a survival whistle on the opposite end of the tool to signal for help.
  • Fire Starters – Use the Micro Sparker or flint striker on the side of the tool plus the Tinder Quik to start a fire.
  • Tinder Cord Lanyard – Lanyard can be used to hang tool around your neck, attach to pack, or light a stove by exposing the ignitable inner strands.
  • Waterproof Compartment – Keep all your fire starting tools dry in the waterproof compartment.
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Dimensions 10 × 7 × 2 in

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