FireDragon Solid Fuel Blocks – 6 Pack


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Looking for a lightweight, eco-friendly, and waterproof cooking fuel for your next outdoor adventure? Look no further than FireDragon solid fuel blocks! Made from gelled denatured ethanol, these blocks are quick and easy to ignite even when wet. Originally designed for the British military, but perfect for US Marine Corps members, ex-military, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Each FireDragon block weighs approximately 1 oz. and burns for approximately 8 minutes. The ethanol base makes for an odorless, low-luminosity burn, and is made from sustainable ingredients that are safe to be packed near food. Whether you’re using a solid fuel or biomass stove, FireDragon blocks can also be used as fire starters or charcoal starters. So why wait? Try FireDragon solid fuel blocks today!


  • FireDragon Solid Fuel Blocks – 6 Pack
  • Environmentally friendly, waterproof, and lightweight solid cooking fuel
  • Made from sustainable ingredients, it is safe to be packed with food
  • Each block weighs approximately 1 oz. and burns for approximately 8 minutes
  • The ethanol base results in an odorless burn
  • low-luminosity burn
  • Can be used as fire starters, charcoal starter, or with solid fuel or biomass stoves
  • Originally designed for British military ration heaters, but ideal for survival, camping, and bushcraft applications
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