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Riots and the Collapse of Society - the perfect reason to prep your bug out bag

Surviving Disaster: EDC, Survival Kits, Bug Out Bags & Boxes

When faced with disaster, being prepared can mean the difference between life and death. 

Bug out bags aren’t the only option. From everyday carry to a full-on bug out box, learn the various ways to prep for a major emergency. 

a selection of every day carry items

Every Day Carry

Everyday carry (EDC) refers to the essential items you carry everywhere. We all have them, but some are more useful than others in disaster scenarios. 

Top survival EDC items include pocket knives, multitools, pepper spray, and, where legal to carry, firearms*. These tools provide versatility and security. Smart EDC boosts your chances and complements your bug out kits. 

*Adhere to local laws and regulations regarding the possession and carrying of firearms for personal safety and protection.

Survival Kit

A survival kit is a comprehensive set of meticulously curated gear to help you overcome a distaster. Compact and portable, it’s easy to carry and store in backpacks, vehicles, or other emergency preparedness kits. 

Essential items include a robust knife, multitool, reliable fire starter, water purification gear, and comprehensive first aid supplies. A well-rounded survival kit also includes an emergency shelter and blanket. 

Additional provisions like signaling devices, compact cooking utensils, navigation tools, and personal hygiene items are also worth considering. 

A properly equipped survival kit can provide crucial support and enhance the chances of overcoming adversity in unforeseen circumstances.

a Marine with a FILBE bag, which makes an excellent bugout bag

Bug Out Bag

A bug out bag (BOB) is a strategically packed bag containing a comprehensive collection of supplies and gear. It’s a survival kit with more stuff in it. Bug out bags help you survive over a short period. 

The contents typically encompass a wide range of items, including non-perishable food, water or water purification methods for hydration, fire starter, appropriate clothing, temporary shelter, versatile tools for various tasks and repairs, and essential personal documents for identification and documentation purposes. 

You never know when a disaster will strike. A well-prepped bug out bag that’s readily accessible can help you survive.

a military lensatic compass and a map

Get Home Bag

When you’re away and disaster strikes, a get home bag gets you home or to a predetermined location safely. 

Core items include a map, compass, flashlight, extra clothing, snacks, water, and means of communication. A small first aid kit, cash, compact tools, a portable charger, and personal defense items are also worth considering.

The name says it all with the get home bag. Get home safely during a challenging situation.

a Jeep box, perfect for a bug-out box

Bug Out Box

Similar to a large bug out bag, a bug out box stores supplies and tools for a short-term evacuation or emergency. It should be a sturdy, weather-resistant container like a plastic or metal box. 

Boxes fit more gear, including specialized equipment. They’re durable, easily accessible, and protect the contents from the elements. So they’re suitable for mid to long-term storage in emergencies.

The main downside of bug out boxes is they can be difficult or impractical to transport on foot. 

An e-tool sits atop sandbags with one side flooded, and the other side dry

Considerations of Bug Out Gear

Consider your specific needs, locations, climate, and duration of the bug-out situation to fully prepare. It’s important to regularly evaluate and update your bug-out bag contents to ensure they align with your circumstances and preparedness goals.

Versatility is also extremely important. A multitool is an obvious example, but an e-tool also excels at versatility. It can help with fire, shelter, and self protection. 

How much you can carry and means of transport are other factors. A bug out box is great for vehicle transport. But you may need to carry this stuff into the field, which is where the bug out bag comes into play. 

What Bug Out Option is Best?

All of the above. Each has its own utility, but you don’t know when disaster might strike or where you’ll be. So having multiple kits, bug out bags, and boxes are better than just one. Think about the vehicles you drive, your everyday carry, and different bags to get home or get away to develop a comprehensive set of survival tools. 

Check out our selection of Marine Corps survival gear and GI packs and bags to prepare yourself for whatever life throws your way.

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