USMC Sidewinder Military LED Tactical Light


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Introducing the Sidewinder LED Military Tactical Light – the ultimate illumination tool that’s packed with features to conquer any mission! This compact powerhouse, measuring just 4 5/8″ in overall length, is your trusted companion in the darkest, most demanding situations.

What makes it awesome? This Sidewinder flashlight boasts White, Red, IR, and Blue LEDs, all in one sleek Coyote tan body. With one switch for On-Off, dimming, and mode selection, it’s glove-friendly and incredibly intuitive. Need an emergency signal? A double click initiates the strobe function instantly.

Who benefits? Everyone from military and law enforcement to outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and emergency responders. Its MOLLE and ACH compatibility provides hands-free ease, and its unbreakable lens, waterproof design, and durability ensure it withstands the harshest conditions.

Don’t wait – gear up with the Sidewinder LED Tactical Flashlight today and light up your world! Buy now and experience unrivaled illumination.


Marine Corps Sidewinder LED Tactical Light Features

  • Sidewinder Military LED Tactical Light
  • Batteries Included
  • Size: 4 5/8″ overall length
  • LEDs: White, Red, IR, and Blue
  • Body: Coyote tan
  • Functionality: One switch for On-Off, dimming, and mode selection
  • Easy Operation: Pull-to-turn locking rotary color selector knob with tactile indicator for glove-friendly use
  • Strobe Mode: Double click button for instant strobe function from “Off” position
  • Variable Output: Push and hold button for light output levels from “Off” position
  • Battery Options: Uses 2 “AA” batteries, also accepts 2 “AA” lithium batteries for extreme temperatures (-40°F to 150°F)
  • Hands-Free: Mounts to MOLLE or ACH for convenience
  • Durability: High-impact, super-tough nylon case; drop-test verified from 30 feet
  • Battery Replacement: Battery polarity indicators for easy replacement in the dark
  • Unbreakable Lens: Gasket-sealed polycarbonate lens with scratch-resistant coating
  • Waterproof: O-ring sealed for waterproof operation
  • Military-Grade: Meets MIL-STD-810F, Method 512.4 standards
  • Security: Tethered tailcap to prevent loss
  • Adjustable Head: Articulating 185-degree rotating head
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  • Proudly Made in the USA!



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