USMC Vintage Bulldog Tattoo T-Shirt



Show your love and respect for the US Marine Corps with the USMC Bulldog T-Shirt. This shirt pays homage to the classic US Marine Corps bulldog tattoo art, featuring a bulldog head wearing a combat helmet with the EGA symbol, along with the words “USMC” and “Semper Fidelis”. The design also includes Marine Corps swords and US flags, making for a patriotic and powerful statement.

This comfortable, 100% cotton black tee is perfect for any Marine Corps veteran or supporter. The small chest print and large back print make for a striking and unique design that is sure to turn heads. The bulldog has long been a symbol of the US Marine Corps, representing the toughness and tenacity of the Marines. This shirt is a great way to display your pride in the Marine Corps and honor the sacrifice of those who have served.

The US Marine Corps has a long-standing tradition of incorporating the bulldog mascot into their culture and iconography. The Marine Corps bulldog tattoos are a symbol of toughness, loyalty, and courage. These tattoos have been a popular choice among Marines for decades and have become a staple of Marine Corps tattoo culture.

Whether you’re a Marine Corps veteran or a supporter, wear this tee with pride and show your love for the US Marine Corps. Order yours today and pay tribute to the brave Marines who have served our country. Semper Fi!

Marine Corps Vintage Tattoo & Bulldog Shirt Features

  • USMC Vintage Bulldog T-Shirt
  • Color: Black
  • 100% Cotton
  • Front and Back Graphics: Bulldog head with combat helmet and EGA, “USMC,” “Semper Fidelis,” Marine Corps swords, and US
  • flags
  • Patriotic and powerful design
  • Fits true to size
  • Ideal for US Marine Corps veterans and supporters
  • Fast shipping!

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Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 2 in

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