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Embrace the legacy of the 3rd Recruit Training Battalion with our embroidered Blue Baseball Hat. This battalion, with its four training companies, plays a vital role in shaping new Marine recruits. Whether you’re a Marine, a recruit, or simply admire their commitment, this hat is a statement of pride. Featuring the battalion’s distinctive blue color and emblem, it’s a bold addition to your collection.

Join us in celebrating the incredible work of the 3rd Recruit Training Battalion with this striking accessory that showcases your support for their mission.

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Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island – MCRD PI

Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island (MCRD PI) is a military installation within Port Royal, South Carolina. It’s approximately 5 miles south of Beaufort. This depot plays a crucial role in the United States Marine Corps Recruit Training for enlisted Marines, primarily those residing east of the Mississippi River.

MCRD PI’s history traces back to European exploration and colonization attempts. Jean Ribault led a French Huguenot expedition in 1562, marking the first European settlement attempt on the island. Subsequently, the Spanish established Santa Elena in 1566, which was later abandoned. The English took control in the 1700s, eventually passing into the hands of Colonel Alexander Parris, lending the island its current name.

Marine Corps presence on Parris Island began in 1891 with a small security detachment. The construction of military facilities accelerated, forming the core of the present-day historic district. Officially designated as a Recruit Depot in 1915, it became a pivotal site for Marine training, particularly during World Wars and the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.

Today, MCRD Parris Island is renowned for its rigorous 13-week recruit training program, emphasizing physical fitness, combat readiness, and Marine Corps values. The depot has been training female Marines since 1949 and continues to play an essential role in shaping the future of the Marine Corps.

MCRD Parris Island has also permeated popular culture, depicted in films like “The D.I.” and Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket.”

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