US Military ACU MOLLE II Rucksack


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The US Military ACU MOLLE II Rucksack is designed for enhanced comfort and lighter weight during extended operations. This rucksack is exceptionally suited for a range of outdoor endeavors, including rucking, survival, and adventure. Its frame is noteworthy for its combination of durability, lightness, flexibility, and adjustability, characteristics that have been battle-tested and proven in real-world military environments.

Offering a generous 5000 cubic inch capacity, the rucksack is divided into two primary sections: a main compartment and a lower compartment. This design facilitates organized storage, with the upper part ideal for equipment and the lower section suitable for clothing or a sleeping setup.

The rucksack’s capacity is expanded by the attachment of two MOLLE II sustainment pouches. Other MOLLE gear can be attached like additional sustainment pouches, medical bags, and ammo kits. The options to customize are nearly limitless.

The rucksack’s modular design is a standout feature, allowing for easy replacement of parts such as the frame, main pack, kidney pad, or shoulder straps. The frame, taking inspiration from an older Peak 1 design, offers a balance between the support of an external frame and the adaptability of an internal frame, making it suitable for challenging terrains.

Constructed from robust 1000 Denier Nylon, the MOLLE II Rucksack is built for endurance. Available in either Coyote or Foliage frame colors based on stock, it is a testament to American manufacturing. The base capacity of the rucksack stands at around 5000 cubic inches, with the option to add more space through sustainment pouches. Its versatile modular MOLLE system, compatibility with MOLLE assault and waist packs (not included), durable gen-iv polymer frame, and molded waist belt, all contribute to its functionality. These rucksacks, sourced as used military surplus, offer both quality and a sense of history.

USGI MOLLE II ACU Rucksack Features

  • Design & Use
    • Successor to ALICE system
    • Ideal for backpacking, hiking, camping, and bug out bags
    • Lighter, more comfortable for long missions
  • Frame & Capacity
    • Lightweight, durable, flexible, adjustable frame
    • Proven in military field conditions
    • 5000 cubic inch capacity
    • Main and lower compartments
    • Easy access design
  • Expandability & Compatibility
    • Modular design for easy part replacement
      • MOLLE Field Pack Frame
      • (2) Sustainment pouches
      • Molded waistbelt
    • Many attachable MOLLE II compatible accessories available
    • Compatible with MOLLE assault, waist packs (not included)
  • Material & Construction
    • Made of 1000 Denier Nylon
    • Frame color: Coyote or Foliage (based on availability)
    • Durable polymer gen-iv frame
    • Molded waist belt
  • Additional Features
    • Modular MOLLE system
    • Approximately 5000 cubic inch base capacity
    • Optional sustainment pouches (500 cubic inches each)
    • Not inclusive of MOLLE assault pack, waist pack
    • Available as used military surplus
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  • Made in USA!

USGI Rucksack Surplus Condition Guide

Very Good – These packs may show few signs of wear.  These packs are in excellent shape physically and cosmetically.

Good – These packs may show slight signs of wear throughout the pack. Lovingly used, these good quality packs may have dirt, stains, and may benefit from washing. These rucksacks are fully functional and will have many years of life in them.

Acceptable – These rucksacks may have various signs of wear. Packs may also have small holes, abrasions, tape, and writing. Heavily used, these acceptable quality packs will have dirt, stains, and will benefit from washing. These packs are still fully functional and will have many years of life in them.

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Very Good, Good, Acceptable