Survival Fire Striker


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Sparks will fly! This Survival Fire Striker can ignite tinder or be used to light a campfire, gas stove or gas barbeque. The robust Ferrocerium rod is capable of 3,000 strikes in all conditions, at all altitudes, and even in wet weather. It comes with a stainless steel striker which also features an 8-function survival tool which includes: a screwdriver, bottle opener, 4 hex sizes and striker. A paracord lanyard holds this handy tool all together. These Survival Fire Strikers are handy enough to keep one in your pack or car to get a fire going when all else fails. 


  • Survival Fire Striker
  • 3,000+ Strike Ferrocerium Rod
  • 8 Function Multi-tool Striker
  • Paracord Lanyard
  • Produces sparks in all conditions

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Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 4 × .5 in