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Our USMC Serrated KA-BAR Knife is the famous USMC Fighting Utility Knife that features a 5.25″ serrated 1095 Cro-Van high carbon steel blade with epoxy powder coat, blood groove and USMC tang stamp. Polished stacked leather washer handle with powder coated carbon steel guard and butt cap. A leather sheath with USMC and EGA embossment is included with this KABAR Knife. The USMC KABAR Fighting Utility Knife has an overall length of 9.25″, and it weighs 6.4 ounces. Made in the USA and officially licensed by the USMC.

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Marine Corps Short Serrated KABAR Knife Features

  • Short USMC Ka-Bar Knife
  • Licensed by the United States Marine Corps
  • Made in USA
  • 5.25″ Blade Length
  • 9.25″ Overall Length
  • “USMC” stamp in blade
  • 1095 Steel
  • Weight: 6.4 oz
  • Leather Sheath with embossed Eagle, Globe, and Anchor
  • Made in USA
  • This knife qualifies for FREE shipping!

About USMC KABAR Knives

The Ka-Bar Knife was adopted by the US Marine Corps in 1942 as the 1219C2 combat knife. It’s an iconic symbol of military utility and efficiency.

Originating from Union Cutlery Co, it’s recognized for its 7-inch 1095 carbon steel blade and leather-washer handle. Developed during WWII, the Ka-Bar addressed the shortcomings of World War I–era knives like the U.S. Mark I trench knife. It’s a more practical and durable solution for both combat and utility. It was enhanced by USMC Colonel John M. Davis and Major Howard E. America, featuring a longer blade and improved handle. The knife’s dual-purpose design was ideal for the Pacific theater’s jungle warfare.

Continuing its service beyond WWII, the Ka-Bar remains a vital tool in the Marine Corps, Navy, and civilian sectors.

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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 3 × 2 in

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