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“Murphy’s Laws of Combat – The American Warrior’s Guide to Staying Alive in Battle” by Marion F. Sturkey is an indispensable manual for the curious and the courageous.

Perfect for enthusiasts of military satire, this comprehensive guide ingeniously blends humor with essential survival strategies, making it invaluable to military personnel and historians alike.

The book is rich with content, featuring sections on various aspects of combat, rules, and survival, peppered with humor and practical insights. Alongside, it dives deep into the heritage of the American Warrior, adding a serious exploration of military anthems, codes, and history, encapsulating 366 pages of wisdom, humor, and tradition.

Own this remarkable collection of wit and wisdom to enrich your understanding and appreciation of military life and survival.

Murphy’s Laws of Combat Features

  • Murphy’s Laws of Combat – The American Warrior’s Guide to Staying Alive in Battle; 2nd edition
  • Author: Marion F. Sturkey
  • Pages: 366
  • Publisher: Heritage Press International; Second edition (March 25, 2009)
  • Content: Combines humor and survival strategies
  • Sections: Includes chapters for Infantry and Aviation laws
  • Special Features: Contains over 52 photos and 96 unique illustrations
  • Extras: Offers a beer-drinking guide and rules of sex and seduction for warriors
  • Historical Insights: Explores the heritage of the American Warrior, military anthems, and history
  • Reviews: Highly praised by Leatherneck Magazine
  • Audience: Suitable for military personnel, historians, and fans of military satire

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