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Our Marine Corps First Lieutenant Coin has the look and feel of genuine quality and would make a great addition to your challenge coin collection or as a special gift for your U.S. Marine. Arrives professionally & individually packaged. Made in USA.

First Lieutenant USMC Challenge Coin Features

  • Marine Corps First Lieutenant Coin
  • “1st Lieutenant” on the front of coin.
  • “USMC” and the Eagle Globe and Anchor on the back of coin.
  • Bronze alloy.
  • Accented in bold colors.
  • Measures approximately 1.5″ x 1.75″.
  • Individually packaged
  • Made in USA
  • Ships fast!
  • Licensed by the U.S. Marine Corps.

Marine Corps 1st Lieutenant – 1stLt

First Lieutenant (1stLt) in the USMC, is a commissioned officer rank, classified under pay grade O-2.

This rank follows the Second Lieutenant (2ndLt) and entails increased responsibilities and leadership roles. First Lieutenants typically lead platoons or serve in company-level staff positions, honing their command skills and operational understanding. This rank signifies a deeper immersion into the responsibilities of an officer, requiring adeptness in decision-making, personnel management, and tactical planning. 

The transition to First Lieutenant marks a crucial stage in a Marine officer’s career, reflecting both professional growth and a greater commitment to the Corps’ mission and values.

About Marine Corps Challenge Coins

Marine Corps challenge coins are deeply rooted in military tradition. They symbolize honor, camaraderie, and individual accomplishments in the USMC. 

Military challenge coins trace their roots back to ancient Rome, where custom coins rewarded exceptional feats. They later evolved into “portrait medals” during the Renaissance. 

In the early US military, challenge coins were exclusive to high-ranking officers recognizing exceptional achievements. Notably, in World War I, a pilot’s coin saved his life by proving his identity. Some argue that modern challenge coin traditions, including in the Marine Corps, originated during the Vietnam War for bar entry. 

Today, these coins signify specific achievements or service excellence and carry sentimental value, serving as tokens of significant moments in a Marine’s journey.

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