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Are you ready? That could very well be the big question in the next few years. Biological Warfare has been big news lately – even as we prepared this catalog the news of Iraq putting nerve agents into warheads had been confirmed by the United Nations.

Terrorists in past years have found the ease to which chemical or biological weapons might be used. This book will help prepare you and your family for just that kind of attack.

This Army / Air Force manual outlines the various scenerios the military might encounter during such attacks and how to defend or counter the effects. Some of the information is so basic that other aspects of life could benefit. The fear of computer systems failing for short times (maybe for weeks) in the year 2000 could affect power sources and water supplies. Cache & storing food and water is a must – and this manual helps there, too.

Guide to Germ Warfare Features

  • New, paperback
  • Desert Publications
  • ISBN: 0-87947-409-2
  • Preparedness Focus: Helps in preparing for potential biological warfare attacks, promoting readiness and safety.
  • Current Relevance: Crafted in alignment with recent global developments, ensuring the content is relevant and timely.
  • Comprehensive Guidance: Offers detailed guidance on countermeasures and defenses against biological or chemical attacks.
  • Military Insights: Utilizes Army/Air Force manuals to provide insights on various scenarios and defensive strategies during attacks.
  • Versatile Information: Includes basic, versatile information that can be applied in various aspects of life beyond warfare.
  • Technological Awareness: Addresses potential technological failures and their impacts, such as disruptions in power sources and water supplies.
  • Resource Management Guidance: Provides guidance on essential resource management such as caching and storing food and water.
  • Family-Oriented: Designed to facilitate preparation not just for individuals but also for families.

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