Gerber Truss Multi-Tool in Black


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The Gerber Truss Multi-Tool in black is the perfect companion for any situation. Whether you need it for a DIY project, camping trip, or tactical mission, this tool has got you covered. It features 17 tools, including needle-nose and regular pliers, wire cutters, serrated and fine edge knives, saw, scissors, and more. The handle is made from a single piece of steel, providing additional strength in a slimmer design. The Black Oxide coating gives it a sleek and professional look, making it ideal for any user.

This multi-tool is perfect for handymen, outdoor enthusiasts, and military personnel. The included MOLLE-compatible sheath ensures that it stays close by and secure, no matter where you are. The optimized tool pack can handle anything from small tasks to heavy-duty projects, making it the ultimate tool for anyone who needs versatility and reliability.

Get your Gerber Truss Multi-Tool in black today and experience the convenience and efficiency of having all your tools in one compact package.


  • Gerber Truss Multi-Tool in Black
  • 6.5″ overall length
  • Black oxide coating
  • 17 Tools, including:
    • Needle nose and regular pliers
    • Wire cutter, wire stripper
    • Fine edge knife, serrated blade
    • Scissors
    • Saw
    • Cross Driver
    • Small, medium, and large flathead drivers
    • Can opener, bottle opener
    • Awl, File
    • Ruler
  • Handle constructed from one single piece of steel
  • MOLLE-compatible sheath
  • Ideal for garage, job site, or downrange tasks
  • Fast Shipping!

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Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 3 in

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